Save our children!

The numbers of dead or missing children are increasing on a daily basis, and that calls for an urgent need to save the future of every society: the children

The future of children does not look bright. According to Europol, the European Union (EU) police intelligence unit, more than 10,000 migrant children are missing after arriving and settling in camps in Europe. In addition to that, the unit has confirmed that worse is yet to come as this number will most likely increase.

EU and other world organisations have completely mishandled the migration crisis, which initially started due to the failure of the Arab Spring. Five years down the road and the Arab Spring has become part of our history, thus creating mayhem in the Middle East.

In each and every civil war, natural or man-made calamities, it is children and women that suffer more than anyone else. Now, with continuous violence around the world, the future of our younger generation is at risk and this will certainly harm the global efforts to save the future of children.

Because of the horrific conditions that the children of migrant families are facing, some have joined sex trafficking and slavery. As a result, Europe may witness another wave of slavery as a result of the migration crisis.

A lot of European countries are facing the issue of migrant children disappearing from their camps despite the risk of getting into trouble or deported, is it for the sake of saving their future?

From drought to floods, and now migration due to civil war, children have become easy targets for exploitation. Despite all this, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has failed to address the migration crisis and countries like Syria continue to suffer.

In India and China children are frequently facing issues due to poverty, social injustice and caste related issues. Similarly, children in Pakistan, especially in the Thar Desert continue to suffer as a result of drought, climate change and governance related man-made issues. However, while the need for the children of Thar is different from the need of the children who are forcibly migrating due to civil war in different countries, the urgency remains the same: we must save the future of our children.

By Aijaz Ali Khuwaja, development consultant based in Karachi, Pakistan