Al Rabeeh School pomotes healthy lifetyle and community engagement

Abu Dhabi-based Al Rabeeh School actively promotes its pupils to live a healthier lifestyle and partake in local events by engaging with the wider community.

Over the past few months, children from Al Rabeeh School have been busy participating in several successfully held community events.

In September 2016, the school saw over 100 of its children and staff take part in the Aloft Kids Run which helped to raise money for a children’s charity. This activity involved a 2 km run in the National Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Al Rabeeh School children at an Aquathlon at the renowned world-class facilities at Emirates Palace.

A month later, the school managed to get over 45 children and members of staff to sign up to an Aquathlon at the renowned world-class facilities at the Emirates Palace.

This was followed by another 30 children from Al Rabeeh School who took part in the Westin Kilomarathon, which included a 2.5 km run.

“We teach 850 children in our school and historically our children have struggled to participate in community events. However, recently we’ve had a great start to the academic year with vast amounts of pupils participating in locally organised events,” said Philip Yates, the Assistant Vice Principal of the school.”

Philip Yates and his students at the Aloft Kids Run
Philip Yates and his students at the Aloft Kids Run in the National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi.

Parents of the students and the event’s organiser Steve Watson, who represents Gulf Multisport, have been incredibly impressed with the children’s’ participation, and feedback has been positive.

Al Rabeeh School staff at the Aloft Kids Run.
Al Rabeeh School staff at the Aloft Kids Run.

Due to the academic success the school has enjoyed over the past years, Al Rabeeh School is opening a new establishment in Mohammed Bin Zayed City in August 2017.

The new building will have a modern swimming pool, sports pitches and state of the art facilities. The school will also continue to promote healthy lifestyles and increase the provision available for the children.