Review: Mercedes AMG GT-S 2015

In today’s world of uber luxury and hyper performance, it’s not every day that a car and its manufacturer will truly surprise you. But that’s exactly what happened when we received the Mercedes AMG GT-S.


The AMG GT really is in a design league of its own. The GT is based on the old gullwing SLS, so the long hood remains, although not quite as disproportional as the SLS. The chunky bee-like headlamps are moved all the way to the corners to emphasize a wide grille with the prominent AMG badge, and the same expression is at the rear with wide thin LED lamps. Everything about the design reeks of excess and extravagance. It’s bolder than the Nissan GTR and less conformist than the Porsche 911. A real thing of beauty that makes its presence felt on the road.


The AMG GT-S really blows you away with its stellar performance, especially compared to its wildly uncontrollable predecessor the SLS. The GTS is equipped with a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission, which produces a massive 510hp and a whopping 650Nm of torque… WOW! And 0-100 KM in 3.8 seconds. Even though its “comfort” driving mode is more than enough thrill, you can choose to up your game with a Sport, Sport +, Racing and Individual mode where you can customize the power and traction. The steering gives you just enough road feel and will move the wheels surprisingly fast at your command. You really don’t feel the speed until you manage to pull your feet away from the throttle. It really is one of the of the most thrilling cars we’ve had in a while, not just because of the sheer power, but the overall handling and feel.


While the AMG GT competes with the Jag F-Type R, the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8, it really blows them away with its slick creative interior. Perhaps only the Porsche comes close to this level of thought and design. Just like the exterior, the interior is extravagant with a massive center console that rises up from the center. The controls fall easily under your fingers, except the gear which is placed too far back to easily move. This could be to allow cupholders, but it would have been much better to either set it behind the wheel or further up the console. As you would expect, there is an exquisite level of refinement in the materials and styling and the suede lined steering wheel perfectly sets the mood for the car. Merc’s COMMAND system is crisp, clear if a bit sluggish but is intuitive.

Comfort & Safety

The AMG GT’s seats are probably a bit more slug than larger drivers would appreciate and it does take some adjustment to feel at home. The Porsche definitely feels more comfortable but apart from that, the AMG GT is a really comfortable car. All round view, however, could be better, but with the excellent all round cameras and safety technologies, you won’t be too flustered on the road. Safety features include lane tracking, Collision Prevention, Attention Assist and the all too important ceramic brakes.

The Mercedes AMG GT is really Merc’s answer to anybody who thought they couldn’t develop a pure sports car for the everyday driver. The harmony of retro styling, over the top performance and a well-appointed interior makes this car one of our favorites. The price will set you back 580’000 – 680’000 AED depending on the GT or GT-S model.



  • Extravagant exterior design
  • Unique, plush interiors
  • Killer performance on the road
  • Throaty exhaust notes


  • Gear Stick placement


Drive & Feel
Fuel Economy
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