Abu Dhabi Police seized 10kg of narcotics from a farmhouse

Four arrested in the raid on a farmhouse where hashish was concealed as ‘coffee powder’.

The Abu Dhabi Police on Thursday announced the seizure of 10 kilos of hashish in a raid during which they uncovered the contraband which had been stored, hidden, and concealed in pouches of coffee powder.

Four suspects were arrested during the raid. Two of the suspects, A.N., 28, and F.H. 28, are from GCC countries while the other two are Asians.

Announcing details of the operation, Colonel Rashid Mohammad Bu Rashed, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, said the suspects had concealed their drugs in a very sophisticated manner. He added that the suspects and their operations had been under surveillance by the Abu Dhabi Police for some time.

The packets of coffee powder containing hashish

He said that the raid took place before the suspects were able to start selling the drugs and that it was thanks to undercover agents that they were able to gain valuable information and details about the criminal operation.

The raid took place on a farmhouse between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, said Colonel Bu Rashed. The location was used by the suspects to produce and store the drugs, he added.

Colonel Bu Rashed urged members of the community to report any suspicious activities in their neighbourhood to the police. He said members of the public can call 8002626 or 999, or send a text message to 2828, and police would be available 24 hours to take calls.

He added that the drug raid was in line with the strategic policy put in place by the Abu Dhabi Police to combat drug smuggling and protect society, notably young people, from drug use.